The (Best-Laid) Plans

The Great Adventure starts on Thursday, and I’m scrambling to get things done. My backpack packed is 28 pounds, but that’s not including books or the chocolate Santa I got in my stocking, and I’m not leaving him behind.

Have solidified pans in Australia (thank you, Daniel!), so my itinerary is practically set. For those of you who don’t know, I’m taking spring semester off, and for those of you who might be keeping track (Grandma!), my itinerary is as follows:

Australia: January 5-22. Working with commercial beekeepers in New South Wales.

New Zealand: January 22-March 3. Wwoofing, a bit of North Island beekeeping, exploring the South Island with Ross.

Thailand: March 3-16. Stopping in Bangkok to pick up my visa for China, heading to Chiang Mai to check out the bee scene and study Reiki with my dad’s cousin.

China: March 16-May 2. Six weeks working on a sustainable beekeeping project in Shangri-la. Waking up the over-wintered colonies, teaching English and beekeeping to local farmers and Buddhist monks.

France: May 2-June 1. Meeting my sister somewhere in Europe, then biking around the Loire region. A half marathon in Champagne where the water stations are not water stations; they are Champagne stations.

Spain?? June 1-14. Friends from Washington are planning to meet me in Spain for our last housemate hurrah- to celebrate (and lament) Claire’s graduation into the real world.

June 14 I fly home from Paris.

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One Response to The (Best-Laid) Plans

  1. Tim Shanahan says:

    Good luck. I’ll be cheering you on and will be wearing my Vegas button every day until you return. Love, love, love you! Dd

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