Writing from a Feijoa farm in Otaki, New Zealand. Feijoas are a fruit native to New Zealand (I think.. also there are only 2 mammals native to NZ! What??! Two!!)

When I arrived I had never set eyes on a feijoa. Now I’ve been working here a week, and still couldn’t pick a feijoa out of an orchard, I can say with certainty that feijoas grow on trees, and I am now quite familiar with the flowers that form the fruit. At the present time, we wwoofers are working on thinning the flowers so that the trees will produce larger fruit.

It takes a feijoa expert about twenty minutes to thin one tree. So it takes me about forty five minutes. But I am learning and I like it.

I haven’t been working on bees here-

(Actually, feijoas are bird-pollinated. When the birds get hold of the tasty feijoa petals, they shake around the flower’s stamen, spreading its pollen.)

-but I have plans next week to work with a nearby beekeeper and am heading to the Wairarapa on Wednesday to check out the royal jelly situation there.

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2 Responses to Feijoas

  1. Ab says:

    MN cuz here (abby) just wondering over here if you have had feijoa, and if so what do they taste like?

    • mshanahan says:

      Oh abbo, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you! Unfortunately, I did not have to opportunity to taste a feijoa because they were not in season. Luckily, there are plenty of carrot smoothies in Thailand. I’m serious! Carrots + beets + celery. YUM!

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