Independence Day


Yesterday was Mexican Independence day, a big day for celebration, protests, and honey bees. In the afternoon, hundreds of protestors took to the streets to oppose the federal government’s education reform agenda. Today, the zocalo is full of ferris wheels, trampolines, churro stands, and taco fixings. There are honey bees all over the sweets on display. They especially like these things that look like olives. I didn’t think bees were partial to olives, so, for science, I try a bite and realize (to my dismay) that the olives are (1) not olives and (2) not samples. Luckily, having already created an awkward situation, I feel less weird asking if I can photograph the bees on the not-olives. See above : )

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One Response to Independence Day

  1. Emily Heath says:

    What are the not-olives? Something sweet?

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