Almond Butter Triumph

I know it’s not a food blog. But yesterday searching “How to make almond butter without a food processor” and later “How to make almond butter with a maize grindstone” I finally stumped the internet. So, in the interest of proliferating uncommon knowledge, and for those of you with a bag of almonds, a grindstone, and some weekend time:

How to make almond butter with a grindstone:



bath towel (for your knees)


a little bit of salt

olive oil


Prep time: One Lauryn Hill album (includes time needed to blog about it)

Process: work almonds to a fine powder, then a clumpy powder – variety of techniques encouraged, including Almond Massage and CPR. Collect clumpy powder (the stickier the better) in a bowl, add salt to taste, honey, and olive oil until right before the mixture tastes too much like olive oil. Don’t get hung up on texture. This is your first time making almond butter, and you did it using a maize grindstone.

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2 Responses to Almond Butter Triumph

  1. Home away from Home in MN says:

    As I looked at my shopping list tonight, “kale” made me think … ahhhh, the influence of M. No doubt a grindstone is next. As it hits below freezing tonight in MN, we think of you fondly. Be well!

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