Crazy Plant Facts

I just read Michael Pollan’s recent article on plant intelligence. Totally blew me away. Whole article available on the The New Yorker website. Worth the read, here’s a taste:

“In a recent experiment, Heidi Appel, a chemical ecologist at the University of Missouri, found that, when she played a recording of a caterpillar chomping a leaf for a plant that hadn’t been touched, the sound primed the plant’s genetic machinery to produce defense chemicals.”

Whaaaaat! And that’s not all. The article also discusses contention among plant scientists and neurobiologists as to whether complex behaviors such as learning, solving problems, and adaptation constitute intelligence. Even talks about whether plants feel pain. Even brings out the bees:

“The caffeine [plants produce] encourages bees to remember a particular plant and return to it, making them more faithful and effective pollinators.”

All for now, except to say, feeling inspired by Michael Pollan and Heidi Appel, plant enthusiasts whose names match their passion. Changing mine to Maggie Apis, after the family name for honey bees, and because it has a nice ring.

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